Essentials for Good Posture

Looking good, feeling good and sounding good are inextricably linked when it comes to playing our instruments. We strive to play with “good technique” but do we have the same commitment to play with good posture? Good posture helps our [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath | February 11th, 2012
Music and Language

Imagine a world without language — a world where sounds were merely frequencies on a spectrum, and where the rules of writing and speech did not exist. It would be virtually impossible to imagine how human civilization would have developed, [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | January 24th, 2012
Why It May Hurt to Play

Ravel : Bolero Sibelius : Oceanides We musicians just want to make music. We are willing to self-destruct if need be. But the goal is to re-create great music with ease and expressiveness. It’s vital to keep in mind that [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath | December 28th, 2011
The Voices of Angels

During the Baroque period (1600-1750), male sopranos composed about 70 percent of all opera singers. Crowned as the singing sensations of the 18th century, these men moved audiences with the shrill clarity of their high-pitched voices, and the lung power [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | December 9th, 2011
I Drink, Therefore I am: The Truth about Alcohol and Creativity

Have you ever wondered why so many creative people are associated with alcohol? Beethoven, Vincent van Gogh, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, are but a handful of many who have been known for their creative output and [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | November 14th, 2011
‘Franz Schubert’s Illness: The Melancholy of an Autumnal Sunset ‘

“I am the most unhappy and miserable person in this world… my health will never improve, and in such despair, things will only become worse instead of better…” ~ Franz Schubert Austrian Composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828) is enshrined as the [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | October 7th, 2011
The Power to Overcome

Beethoven Symphony no.9 in D minor Op 125 “Choral” (1824) IV Finale: Presto – Allegro assai Smetana String Quartet no. 1 “From my live” (1876) Má vlast (1879) “… For two years I have avoided almost all social gatherings because [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | September 14th, 2011
The One-Armed Swordsman

“The One-Armed Swordsman” (Dubei dao “獨臂刀”) is an old Chinese film depicting the life of a swordsman of the Golden Sword School. During a ferocious fight, the swordsman’s right arm tragically gets cut off, ending his career as a swordsman. [...] more >>

by Desiree Ho | July 30th, 2011