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Composers and Artists

Composers > Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg
by Georg Predota | January 9th, 2018

standard Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg

“Contesting the rubbish of effeminate song” It might be difficult to believe, but at one time the art of counterpoint was considered “the child of ancient aberration.” Bach’s Art of Fugue was seen as hopelessly out of date, with the [...] more >>

Artists > Shenyang
by Oliver Pashley | January 1st, 2018

standard Shenyang

‘A Duty to the Music’ Based in Shanghai, Chinese bass-baritone Shenyang performs in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Philharmonic this month. Although from a musical family (both his parents were singers too), Shenyang came relatively late to the world [...] more >>

Composers > Dmitry Kabalevsky
by Georg Predota | December 7th, 2017

standard Dmitry Kabalevsky

“Music helps children to see the world” Dmitry Kabalevsky was destined for a career in mathematics and economics, but his fascination with the arts steered his career in entirely different directions. Hailed by Soviet authorities as the guiding light of [...] more >>

Artists > Sasha Cooke
by Oliver Pashley | December 1st, 2017

standard Sasha Cooke

‘Be open to those surprises’ Having just starred in the world premiere of Nico Mulhy’s new opera Marnie at English National Opera, American soprano Sasha Cooke speaks to me on one of her rare days off.

Composers > Erich Wolfgang Korngold
by Georg Predota | November 9th, 2017

standard Erich Wolfgang Korngold

“My music creed is the inspired idea” Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957) might have been the most phenomenal musical prodigy of all time! At the age of 9, he played his cantata Gold to Gustav Mahler, who pronounced him a genius. [...] more >>

Artists > Richard Lin
by Oliver Pashley | November 1st, 2017

standard Richard Lin

‘Just Enjoy the Moment’ Taiwanese American violinist Richard Lin is no stranger to Hong Kong, having performed at a fundraising event with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in January this year. He returns this month to play Korngold’s violin Concerto with [...] more >>

Composers > Karol Szymanowski
by Georg Predota | October 5th, 2017

standard Karol Szymanowski

“I seek for love everywhere—ceaselessly” In 2017 we celebrate the 80th passing of Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937), one of the most unique musical voices of the 20th century. Born in the Ukraine into a family of landed gentry who settled there [...] more >>

Artists > Andrew Tyson
by Oliver Pashley | October 1st, 2017

standard Andrew Tyson

Learning from Other Genres Performing an eclectic mix of music in Hong Kong this month is young American pianist Andrew Tyson. Originally from North Carolina, he studied at the Curtis Institute and went on to New York’s prestigious Juilliard School. [...] more >>