Cello Concerto Overview: The Could Haves Part II

The four cello concertos of Karl Davidov are remarkable and should be included in our list of concertos which deserve to be played. The Davidov Concerto No. 1 in B minor is on the shorter side at twenty minutes, but [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
September 22nd, 2018
Speaking the Piano Reflections on Learning and Teaching: Susan Tomes

This is the fifth book by acclaimed Scottish pianist Susan Tomes, and unlike her previous books whose primary focus is on the exigencies of life as a professional musician – from ensemble playing and touring, coughers in the audience to [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
September 20th, 2018
Oblique Strategies in Practice

Oblique Strategies (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) is a deck of 7 by 9 centimetres (2.8 in × 3.5 in) printed cards in a black container box, created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt and first published in 1975. [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
September 16th, 2018
Cello Concerto Overview: The Could Haves Part I

You may be surprised to learn how many cello concertos there are, more than most people think, from several eras, and they deserve to be heard. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, and one could include Lalo, Haydn C [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
September 15th, 2018
Living With the Music

A busy professional pianist will need to have several programmes of music “in the fingers” at any given time, which can be made ready for some kind of performance at any given time. Alongside that there is new repertoire to [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
September 13th, 2018
In Memoriam Claudio Scimone (1934-2018)

On 6 September 2018, we sadly lost another pioneer of the early music movement. Claudio Scimone, a student of Dimitri Mitropoulos and Franco Ferrara, was primarily known as the founder of the string ensemble “I Solisti Veneti.” Together with Neville [...] more >>

by Georg Predota
September 12th, 2018
Chets: Inside Europe’s Biggest Summer School for Pianists

A shiny black Schimmel grand piano is stretched across the corner of a classroom normally reserved for French lessons. A small group of people sit in a semi-circle around the piano, some with musical scores opened on their laps, others [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
September 9th, 2018
Cello Concerto Overview: The Should Haves Part II

Here are six more cello concertos a cellist should have in their repertoire. Robert Schumann studied the cello as a youngster and although he was unable to continue due to an injury to his right hand he developed a deep [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
September 8th, 2018