Feeding the Muse

“Ideas lie everywhere like apples fallen and melting in the grass for lack of wayfaring strangers with an eye and a tongue for beauty, whether absurd, horrific, or genteel.” – Ray Bradbury, writer

by Frances Wilson
October 11th, 2018
Fluent Fingers

“Today, much more than in the past, no one can hope to play well who does not use his fingers correctly,”C. P. E. Bach. From our earliest time at the piano, we are taught a “5-finger position”, which follows the [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
October 7th, 2018
Cello Concerto Overview: The Ought to Haves Part I

Musicians through the ages have had a keen sense of responsibility to the music of composers of their time. We are fortunate there were cellists who inspired composers to write new works for the instrument, (Rostropovich inspired both Prokofiev and [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
October 6th, 2018
Music Through Words The Concert Pianist by Conrad Williams

Philip Morahan is a British concert pianist. A once-great pianist, lauded by critics and adored by audiences, at 52 he can no longer play the piano. Marooned by performance anxiety, it seems that the sacrifices he has made in the [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
October 4th, 2018
The Virtuoso Parent

Following my earlier article about respect between the teacher, student and parent of the student, I would now like to celebrate the “virtuoso parent”.

by Frances Wilson
September 30th, 2018
On the Occasion of the Death of Montserrat Caballé – Spanish Singing School

The 1970s were not short of operatic talent. The Met and Covent Garden regularly boasted extraordinary singers such as Luciano Pavarotti, Carlo Bergonzi, Renata Scotto; even Birgit Nilsson was still active. But then Spain exported a string of singers of [...] more >>

by Philip Eisenbeiss
September 29th, 2018
Creating a Musical ‘Scrapbook’

When I was preparing for my performance Diplomas – and indeed whenever I start working on new music – I put together a ‘scrapbook’ of music and other materials (articles, interviews, pictures etc), in effect for reference to help with [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
September 27th, 2018

Respect is a crucial part of teaching – mutual respect between teacher and pupil, and also between teacher and parent/the person paying the teacher’s fees. From my side of the bargain, respect towards my students and their parents includes:

by Frances Wilson
September 23rd, 2018