Small is Beautiful – the piano miniature

When considering the piano repertoire, we tend to focus on the big works in the canon – the great concertos and piano sonatas, and large-scale works like the Goldberg, Diabelli or Handel Variations, or the Rhapsody on a Theme of [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
February 25th, 2018
Forgotten Cellists VIII: Gaspar Cassadó

Gaspar Cassadó was another distinguished virtuoso and composer of cello music. His Requiebros, and Dance of the Green Devil are two encore pieces we cellists love to play.

by Janet Horvath
February 24th, 2018
How do Musicians Define Success?

In our commercially-driven modern times “success” tends to be measured in monetary terms, and those people who have achieved the dizzy heights of a very large salary and financial security long into the future are generally regarded as “successful”.

by Frances Wilson
February 18th, 2018
Forgotten Cellists VII: Beatrice Harrison

Beatrice Harrison (1892-1965), our next featured cellist, lived when the cello was beginning to flourish. Harrison was the leading British cellist of her day— the first woman cellist to play at Carnegie Hall, in 1913, the first woman soloist with [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
February 17th, 2018
2018 The Year of the Earth Dog

A long, long time ago, the Jade Emperor was looking for 12 animals to become designated as calendar signs. So he sent an immortal being into the world of man and announced that the first 12 animals to pass through [...] more >>

by Georg Predota
February 15th, 2018
Relaxing Classical Music?

Is this the most “relaxing” piece of classical music? asks Radio Three of Arvo Pärt’s contemplative and spiritual ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’.

by Frances Wilson
February 11th, 2018
Forgotten Cellists VI: Maurice Gendron

Frenchman Maurice Gendron (1920-1990) was known for his poise and elegant, pristine playing. If Daniil Shafran played with unconventional hand positions, Gendron’s are nearest to the ideal. His hands are cello perfect: rounded, relaxed, symmetrical, and produced a shimmering sound.

by Janet Horvath
February 10th, 2018
L’Elisir d’amore at Vancouver Opera

Vancouver Opera is the distinguished and well-liked company founded in 1958 by a group of visionary community leaders. They believed in the value of the performing arts in the life of a great city in Canada. Each year, it has [...] more >>

by Peter Hermes
February 6th, 2018