The Pianist’s Mystique

The concert pianist cuts a romantic, almost mysterious image: alone on the stage with only a shiny black minotaur of a concert grand for company, the pianist exists in a place other than ours, elevated – both physically and metaphorically [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
October 21st, 2018
When Touring Orchestras Face Travel Hell

Picture this: A touring orchestra in Travel Hell: one-hundred musicians, a team of staff, a cargo plane full of instruments, sheet music and equipment, unexpectedly brought to a halt. The performance, scheduled years in advance, in a famous concert hall, [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
October 20th, 2018
La scala di seta (Farsa Comica)

Teatro “Cesare Caporali” sits in Panicale Umbria. Panicale is a jewel of a historic town as so many are in Umbria. You’ve never heard of it just as I’ve never heard of it either until 4 years ago, in spite [...] more >>

by Peter Hermes
October 19th, 2018
Concerts: A Social Affair

We go to concerts for a variety of reasons: to be moved emotionally, to be entertained, and as a social event. There was a time, prior to the nineteenth century, when engaging with what is now generally called “classical music” [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
October 18th, 2018
Discovering New Repertoire

One of the greatest joys (and frustrations!) of being a pianist is the vast and myriad repertoire available for our instrument, from early Baroque wonders to brand-new contemporary fancies. One could spend a lifetime learning only the works of Chopin [...] more >>

by Frances Wilson
October 14th, 2018
Cello Concerto Overview: The Ought to Haves Part II

The great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich was committed to the composers of our time. Any composer who hoped to write for the cello in the 20th century fantasized about Rostropovich playing their work. As astonishing as it sounds, he performed 105 [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath
October 13th, 2018
Les Huguenots at Bastille Opera

Paris does glamour better than anyone. But clearly not at the opera. The Opéra National de Paris at the Bastille still looks like a second-tier suburban cinemaplex and the audience looks accordingly. Opening night has no dress code, no glamour, [...] more >>

by Philip Eisenbeiss
October 12th, 2018
Classical Music for All

When you ask non-classical music lovers why they are not fond of classical music, the most common answers include “I am not intelligent enough to appreciate it”, “I don’t know music theory” and “it’s so boring”. However, does it really [...] more >>

by Anson Yeung
October 12th, 2018