Mozart in London II

During his initial stay in London, which lasted from 23 April 1764 through 1 July 1765, young Wolfi regaled in the invigorating and stimulating musical environment offered by the British capital. A rapidly prospering and growing middle class not only [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 30th, 2012
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 (1899-1901) / Willem Mengelberg: Concertgebouw Orchestra, 1939

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 4 in G major The notated musical score requires not only realization, but also interpretation. In many cases, conductors will work with composers to clarify certain passages or to obtain a sense of musical meaning. However, [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 23rd, 2012
Giacomo Puccini: Madame Butterfly

Madama Butterfly Guangzhou Opera House Original Director : Anthony Minghella Conductor : Daniel Oren Cio-Cio San : He Hui (21,23/09) Cynthia Lawrence (22/09) Official Website Ticketing During the early part of the 17th century, Japan entered a period self-imposed isolation. [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 13th, 2012
Mozart in London I

Mozart’s father Leopold early on realized that his son Wolfgang, to whom he referred as the “miracle of God permitted to have been born in Salzburg,” represented a unique talent and opportunity. In order to raise money and to spread [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 7th, 2012
Mozart and his World: Salzburg III

Mozart’s early experience with Italian opera is documented in Daines Barrington’s report to the Royal Society in London, published in 1769. “At nine, the prodigy could already, in improvised recitatives and arias, ape operatic styles suited to anger and tenderness”. [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | July 30th, 2012
Mozart and his World: Salzburg II

Around the 5th century BC, a Celtic tribe established a small settlement on the banks of the river Salzach. By 15 BC the settlement had grown into the city Juvavum, and was part of the Roman Empire. The modern name [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | July 10th, 2012
Mozart and his World: Salzburg I

For one reason or another, the name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has become a marketing cliché, selling everything from alcohol to chocolates. Perfectly sane and healthy people swoon at the mere mention of his name, and he is habitually referred to [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | June 25th, 2012
Beethoven and Shostakovich 9th

Leonard Slatkin conducts Shostakovich and Beethoven: 2 Ninth SymphoniesOrchestre National de Lyon, The Gulbenkian Choir, Manuela Uhl, Bea Robein,Christian Elner, Morten Frank Larsen29 June 2012, Auditorium de Lyon Watch the concert Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, “Choral” [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | June 22nd, 2012