Poetic Muse Edward Elgar and Caroline Alice Roberts

Rudyard Kipling wrote, “Pleasant the snaffle of Courtship, improving the manners and carriage; But the colt who is wise will abstain from the terrible thorn-bit of Marriage.” The Irish poet Thomas Moore had a similar take on that mysterious and [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | September 4th, 2017
Destination New York

If you’ve ever visited the place that many people consider the centre of the known universe then you’re familiar with its vibrant downtown, its meditative Central Park, the way the city buzzles, and sizzles, and then sometime is the perfect [...] more >>

by Maureen Buja | September 1st, 2017
Muses and Musings Frédéric Chopin and the Divine Therese Apponyi

On Sunday Afternoons between1833 and 1835, Frédéric Chopin frequently made his way to 107 rue Saint-Dominique in Paris. His destination was the Hotel de Monaco, sometimes called the Hôtel d’Eckmühl, which functioned as the home of the Austrian ambassador to [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 28th, 2017
iDisorder in Opera: Poulenc “La Voix Humaine”

“iDisorder” is one of the latest terms used in the medical sciences. Apparently, it changes your brain’s ability to process information and the ability to relate to the world due to daily use of media and technology. “There is the [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 26th, 2017
Destination London

London, London, London – which London do you mean? The London of the early 20th century of men in top hats and women in sweeping dresses? Or the London of the late 19th century of the demi-monde and the easily [...] more >>

by Maureen Buja | August 25th, 2017
Doing Opera at Home

Until recordings became common in the latter part of the 20th century, the only way to hear some of the great works was to attend a performance or to have your own orchestra. For the rest of the music-loving world, [...] more >>

by Maureen Buja | August 24th, 2017
Muses and Musings Beethoven and his “Klärchen” Ludwig van Beethoven and Antonie Adamberger

At the tender age of 16, Antonie Adamberger was already one of the biggest stars on the Viennese theatrical stage. Tall, slender, gorgeous, and certainly highly talented, she gave her debut on New Year’s Day 1807 at the Burgtheater, and [...] more >>

by Georg Predota | August 21st, 2017
Destination Paris

Paris, as well as being the City of Light, is, for some people, also the City of Dreams. In so many images, the city comes to life – the open vistas and city views from the Eiffel Tour, the magnificent [...] more >>

by Maureen Buja | August 18th, 2017