History of Muzak: Where Did All The Elevator Music Go?

Of Muzak, Professor Gary Gumpert of Queens College, in a 1990 interview for Britain’s Channel 4, said: “[it’s] a kind of amniotic fluid that surrounds us; and it never startles us, it is never too loud, it is never too [...] more >>

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In theater and film, we demand that Asian roles be played by Asian actors. Why is opera different?

Here we go again: Beginning on Saturday, the Washington National Opera is staging Puccini’s beloved and oft-performed “Madame Butterfly,” the story of a Japanese woman betrayed by her American husband. The production, originally created in 2006, is designed by a [...] more >>

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As a music therapist I can do something no drugs can do

When a group of adults with severe dementia began singing and saying hello to each other in a session, it brought home the power of music therapy

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Music and The Brain

Q+A with Professor Bob Duke on how studying the brains of musicians can teach us more about how we learn.

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Bach’s Holy Dread

The composer has long been seen as a symbol of divine order. But his music has an unruly obsession with God.

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12 Sound Artists Changing Your Perception of Art

These artists appeal to the ears, not the eyes.

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The greatest music teacher who ever lived

Nadia Boulanger taught many of the 20th Century’s greatest musicians. She may have been the greatest music teacher ever, writes Clemency Burton-Hill.

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How music benefits children

Popular ideas, such as the “Mozart effect” – the idea that listening to classical music improves intelligence – has encouraged the belief that “music makes you smarter”.

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