‘Repugnant’, ‘uninspired’ and ‘awful’ – works hated by their own composers

From Beethoven to Ravel, and Elgar to Saint-Saëns, 10 of the best-known pieces that their composers disowned despite – or perhaps because of – their popularity

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How Does a Pianist Remember the 30,000 Notes of the ‘Rach 3′?

Scientific research by Charles Brenner and Jeffrey Zacks has observed that walking through doorways interferes with memory and facilitates forgetting.

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3-D Printers Bring Historic Instruments Back To The Future

In a recital hall at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, a group of musicians got together to play Jean-Baptiste Singelée’s 1857 quartet for saxophones on some very old, very special instruments.

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6 Surprising Facts about Happiness and Music

Happiness and music are more connected that you think! In fact, “happy music” is a widely accepted term in the scientific field. Researchers define happy music as a piece written in major key and with a fast tempo. Happy songs [...] more >>

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Have Orchestra, Will Travel

From the department of intriguing ideas comes Symphony S.O.N.G. (Symphony Orchestra for the Next Generation), essentially a mobile orchestra housed in a five-and-a-half-ton semi truck that travels to various locales in South Korea to spread the gospel of classical music.

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Stop “Defending” Music Education

Today I ran across one more xeroxed handout touting the test-taking benefits of music education, defending music as a great tool for raising test scores and making students smarter. It was just one more example among many of the “keep [...] more >>

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The Hindenburg’s Aluminum Piano

The Hindenburg featured the first piano ever to be carried on a passenger aircraft.

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Top Five Pianists Who Developed Personalized Instruments

Little has seemingly changed in piano design over the past century and a half, but over that time several distinguished pianists have tinkered with the instrument to serve their needs, including the five musicians below:

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