How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According to Science

Navigating the surfeit of guitars available at your local music shop or online retailer can be a daunting experience. The sheer number of models, shapes and sizes is confusing. However, there might be a way to simplify the experience with [...] more >>

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On The Stradivarius Myth

In 2011, the Stradivarius violin known as the “Lady Blunt” sold for $15.9 million—four times the amount for any previous Stradivarius. The hefty price tag for these instruments is commensurate with their reputation. The Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, who plays [...] more >>

March 9th, 2018 | Tags:
10 operas adapted from books: From page to stage

Literature has long provided composers with inspiration.

March 7th, 2018 | Tags:
Discover ScaleTracks

‘I don’t like scales and arpeggios’ – how many times have we heard this as teachers? In order to address this common issue, my brother-in-law David Denning and I have developed ScaleTracks, an app which features inspiring backing tracks for [...] more >>

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To Ease Pain, Reach For Your Playlist

We all know that listening to music can soothe emotional pain, but Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys can also ease physical pain, according to a study of children and teenagers who had major surgery.

February 28th, 2018 | Tags:
Dementia choir changing lives for the better through song and friendship

Canberra’s first dementia-friendly choir is making a positive difference in the lives of people living with the disease, as well as their partners and carers.

February 23rd, 2018 | Tags:
For Video Soundtracks, Computers Are The New Composers

Tomas Villegas was looking for information about a product on YouTube, but couldn’t find it. “So I thought, well, I’m sure there’s other people looking for it. So I made a video.”

February 21st, 2018 | Tags:
Ten Reasons To Let Your Kid Major In Music

Dear Liz, My daughter is a junior in high school, and she is sure that she wants to major in music in college. She wants to attend a music conservatory. That plan scares my husband and I greatly.

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