Why should we teach music in schools?

Music should be central to children’s learning right from the start yet it is in peril in many state schools due to a lack of funds, vision and joined up thinking

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How neuroscience can benefit the learning and performance of music

Understanding the factors that impact on brain development and brain function in musicians can empower music teachers to unlock each learner’s full potential, a new study published in Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa suggests.

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The Man Musicians Call When Two Tunes Sound Alike

Peter Oxendale, a onetime glam rocker (“We all have skeletons,” he says), is perhaps the world’s leading forensic musicologist, the person musicians call when they believe someone has ripped off their work. In a penthouse overlooking the English Channel, he [...] more >>

March 15th, 2017 | Tags: ,
Watch: Melodica Men’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ is Breaking The Internet

The Melodica Men’s mission is simple: to spread the “pure, unadulterated joy that is the melodica.” After several incredibly adorable videos featuring everything from music from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to Stevie Wonder, their latest video, an arrangement of [...] more >>

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Searching for Silence

John Cage’s art of noise.

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First recording of computer-generated music – created by Alan Turing – restored

Researchers restore 1951 recording generated on machine built by computer scientist famous for breaking Enigma code

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Competition unleashes futuristic piano designs

The winning entries of the Roland Digital Piano Design Awards feature radical reimaginings of the keyboard instrument.

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