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Violin Concertos (Polish) – BACEWICZ, G. / TANSMAN, A. / SPISAK, M. / PANUFNIK, A.
The works on this recording were written by four roughly contemporary Polish composers who settled and pursued their careers in different parts of the world.
Tansman: 5 Pieces, No. 2. Chanson et Boite à Musique more >>
CZERNY, C.: Grand Piano Concerto / Grand Nocturne Brillant / Variations de Concert sur la Marche des Grecs
Carl Czerny, one of Vienna’s most illustrious musicians, was Beethoven’s student and devoted friend.
Czerny: Grand Nocturne Brillant, Op. 95 more >>
LALO, É.: Symphonie espagnole / MANÉN, J.: Violin Concerto No. 1
Joan Manén, in his day almost as famous as his fellow Catalan Pau Casals, was an admired virtuoso violinist and a prominent composer.
Manen: Violin Concerto No. 1, "Concierto español", Op. A-7 - I. Allegretto ben moderato more >>
KAZHLAEV, M.: Piano Music – Romantic Sonatina / Dagestan Album / 6 Preludes / Picture Pieces
This recording charts a two-decade period in the musical life of the eminent Dagestani composer, teacher and conductor, Murad Kazhlaev.
Kazhlaev: Romantic Sonatina: II. Andante sostenuto, rubato, espressivo, quasi improvvisato more >>
GOETZ, H.: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 / Spring Overture
Hermann Goetz’s lifespan was no longer than Mozart’s, and though much admired by contemporaries
Goetz: Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-Flat Major, Op. 18: III. Langsam - IV. Lebhaft more >>
WALTER, B.: Violin Sonata / Piano Quintet
In the early part of his musical career, before he became one of the most revered conductors of his time, Bruno Walter saw himself as a conductor-composer much like his friend and rôle model, Gustav Mahler.
Walter: Piano Quintet: II. Ruhig und heiter more >>
LE FLEM, P.: Piano Works
Paul Le Flem belonged to the Parisian circle of Martinů, Tcherepnin and Tansman, summing up his own music as a fusion of three influences: his native Brittany, Debussy and D’Indy.
Le Flem: Mélancolie! more >>
ONSLOW, G.: String Quintets, Vol. 1 – Nos. 20 and 26
An English aristocrat with a mixed heritage, Georges Onslow was highly regarded for his musical talents during his lifetime, being praised by Berlioz and Schumann and becoming known as the ‘French Beethoven’.
Onslow: String Quintet No. 26 in C Minor, Op. 67 : IV. Finale: Allegretto quasi allegro more >>