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BRAGA SANTOS, J.: Piano Concerto / Symphonic Overtures Nos. 1 and 2
Joly Braga Santos was Portugal’s greatest orchestral composer, and this recording presents eight world premiere recordings including his very first work for orchestra, the Symphonic Overture No. 1.
Braga Santos: Symphonic Overture No. 2, Op. 8, "Lisboa" more >>
SPOHR, L.: Violin Duets
One of the giants of music-making in the 19th century, Louis Spohr excelled as a composer, violin virtuoso, conductor and teacher.
Spohr: Duo for 2 Violins in A Minor, Op. 67, No. 1 - I. Allegro more >>
LIPIŃSKI, K.: Trios for 2 Violins and Cello, Opp. 8 and 12
Although Polish-born virtuoso and composer Karol Józef Lipiński embraced the innovations of Paganini and other 19th-century virtuosos, he disdained ‘empty’ technique devoid of musical depth, preferring the artistic ethos of Spohr, Tartini and Viotti.
Lipiński: Trio for 2 Violins and Cello in G Minor, Op. 8 - I. Moderato more >>
CLEMENTI, M.: Keyboard Sonatas, Op. 25, Nos. 1 and 3, Op. 33, Nos. 2 and 3, Op. 46
With a European reputation second only to Haydn’s during his lifetime, Muzio Clementi was highly regarded by Beethoven as a composer and his impact on music in general and the piano in particular as a performer, publisher and innovator cannot be ignored.
Clementi: Keyboard Sonata in F Major, Op. 33, No. 2, - I. Adagio - II. Allegro con fuoco more >>
RACHMANINOV, S.: Piano Concerto No. 3 / Variations on a Theme of Corelli
Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 3 is a complex, epic narrative that moves from a simple opening melody to the triumphant apotheosis at its conclusion.
Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30 - I. Allegro ma non tanto more >>
CZERNY, C.: 2 Trios Brillants, Op. 211 / 3 Sonatinas for Piano Trio, Op. 104
Carl Czerny found a continuing source of inspiration in the music of his teacher Beethoven, even after he had established himself with a series of influential pedagogic works, piano exercises and studies.
Czerny: Trio Brillant in A Major for Violin, Cello and Piano, Op. 211, No. 2 - III. Bolero. Rondo: Allegro vivo more >>
Clarinet and Piano Recital: Bosi, Sergio / Bartoli, Riccardo – GAGLIANO, G. / BUSONI, Ferruccio and Ferdinando
Circumstances including an overwhelming preoccupation with opera at the expense of instrumental music, two world wars and the rise of a Fascist dictatorship, resulted in a generation of Italian chamber music composers born between the 1880s and early 1900s whose music seemed to vanish without trace.
Sinigaglia: 12 Variazioni sopra un tema di Schubert, Op. 19 more >>
ZÁDOR, E.: Plains of Hungary (The) / Fantasia Hungarica / Variations on a Merry Theme
In the last two decades of his career Eugene Zádor, whose music fused Classicism with Romanticism to universal acclaim, wrote a series of works that reflected his Hungarian roots.
Zádor: Rhapsody for Orchestra more >>