13 events
Music Along the Danube
From: 2019-08-31 to: 2019-09-07
Country: Germany, Austria, Hungary
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New Virtuosos at the Sea
From: 2019-09-13 to: 2019-09-21
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, France
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From Lisbon to Barcelona, ​​the Iberian Peninsula in music
From: 2019-10-07 to: 2019-10-14
Country: Portugal, Spain
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Croisière Musicale (October)
From: 2019-10-20 to: 2019-10-28
Country: Cyprus, Greece, Cyclades, Italy
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Silversea Opera Voyages
From: 2019-10-22 to: 2019-11-02
Country: Israel, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus
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Classical Music Rhine
From: 2019-10-24 to: 2019-10-31
Country: Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland
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The Great Belgian Voices in the Sun of the Orient
From: 2019-11-15 to: 2019-11-25
Country: Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt
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Along the South African Coast in Music
From: 2020-03-17 to: 2020-03-25
Country: South Africa
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13 events