Behind the scenes

In Australia with the Clare College Choir

There is a greater than usual sense of wonder and joy in beholding the Sydney Opera House when you know that you will soon give two performances of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony inside its famous shell. Cambridge is of course not [...] more >>

by William Cole | October 8th, 2012
On The Road with the SHFO

After the term of exams that university students work so hard for, the sudden summer break is seen as a vast chasm of empty time, the long summer months stretching out seemingly endlessly before the next year of education begins. [...] more >>

by Oliver Pashley | October 4th, 2012
On Tour with the Clare College Music Society

Haydn Die Schopfung (The Creation), Hob.XXI:2 (Sung in English) Walking into Rouen in search of some refreshment late on our first evening in France, we passed the grand Abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Rouen’s second major church and the venue for the second [...] more >>

by William Cole | September 21st, 2012
In touch with Carolyn Choa

Behind every great man there stands a wise woman. Behind the late award-winning director Anthony Minghella, there stands his wife Carolyn Choa- together, they have shared their artistic career most fittingly. Carolyn has choreographed numerous dance productions before involving in [...] more >>

by Cathy Hung | September 14th, 2012
In touch with Han Feng

From the stunning red backdrop that opens Anthony Minghella’s Madame Butterfly, first staged at London’s ENO (2005) and then at The Met (2006), it is perfectly natural for dazzled audiences from worldwide to imagine the most complicated setting of the [...] more >>

by Cathy Hung | August 21st, 2012
Symphonic Shenanigans

Anything can happen at a concert and in the three decades of my career I have experienced some unexpected and memorable incidents. Flying Batons Charles Dutoit was the principal guest conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra in the 1980’s. He conducted [...] more >>

by Janet Horvath | July 31st, 2012
Behind the Scenes with the Clare College Choir

There are audible sighs of relief in the church of All Hallows, Gospel Oak as producer John Rutter announces his satisfaction with our last take, and it’s time for a break and a quick cup of tea. It’s the evening [...] more >>

by William Cole | July 24th, 2012
In touch with Alain Deguernel

The first time I met Alain, it was in a small Parisian café, almost two years ago. Prior to our meeting, I had taken an extensive look at his website forgotten records, and fallen instantly in love with his selection [...] more >>

by Juliette | July 23rd, 2012