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February 17th, 2017

standard The 10 best-sounding concert halls in the world

Vienna's Musikverein can't be beat. AP Photo/Ronald Zak

Vienna’s Musikverein can’t be beat.
AP Photo/Ronald Zak

There’s no objective way to determine the best acoustics for concert halls, though most people agree on the basics.

Sydney Opera House? Awful. New York’s Avery Fisher Hall? Mediocre. Vienna’s Musikverein and Boston’s Symphony Hall? Divine.

Acoustic consultants now playing a central role in any new concert venue design.

“With the objective criteria of today, one can safely plan for a hall that would be somewhere on the scale from good to excellent,” says Magne Skålevik, a senior acoustical consultant at Brekke & Strand Akustikk. “Another way of putting it is, we are able to explain 70-80% of the average listener’s preference by the physical and acoustical properties of the hall.” Full story.

Gus Lubin (Business Insider) / October 5, 2016

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